An episode guide to

by Donna R. Lemaster

1967-1968 17 eps

ITV/CBS 60 minutes


Patrick McGoohan as Number Six

Angelo Muscat as the Butler

Peter Swanwick as The Supervisor

The sequence is the one used in the videocassette release and the order used by CBS during its summer run of the series in 1968.


Virginia Maskell, Guy Doleman, Paul Eddington, George Baker

written by George Markstein and David Tomblin directed by Don Chaffey

An unnamed British intelligence officer who has just resigned is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious isolated village. There he is given the label "Number Six" and questioned by "Number Two" about the reasons for his leaving his job.

The Chimes of Big Ben

Leo McKern, Nadia Gray, Finlay Currie, Richard Wattis, Christopher Benjamin

written by Vincent Tilsley directed by Don Chaffey

Number Six joins forces with Nadia, a fellow prisoner, to build an arts and crafts project that can help them escape the Village.

[NOTE: An alternate version of this episode exists that contains a different theme and several different scenes. It was never broadcast, but is now available on prerecorded video in the US.]

A,B, and C

Peter Bowles, Katherine Kath, Sheila Allen, Colin Gordon

written by Anthony Skene directed by Pat Jackson

Number Two attempts to learn the reason for Number Six's resignation by recreating a crucial party in Number Six's dreams, and observing his actions on a video monitor.

Free For All

Eric Portman, Rachel Herbert, George Benson, Harold Berens, John Cazabon

written by Paddy Fitz directed by Patrick McGoohan

Number Two persuades Number Six to run against him in the upcoming Village elections by promising him a meeting with the elusive Number One if he wins.

The Schizoid Man

Anton Rodgers, Jane Merrow, Earl Cameron, Gay Cameron

written by Terence Feeley directed by Pat Jackson

Number Six faces a bizarre identity crises when Number Two alters his appearance, begins referring to him as "Number Twelve" and brings in a ringer for Number Six whom he treats as the real thing.

The General

Colin Gordon, John Castle, Peter Howell

written by Joshua Adam directed by Peter Graham

Number Six is naturally suspicious of the new speed-learning process the Village authorities have introduced.

Many Happy Returns

Patrick Cargill, Donald Sinden, Georgina Cookson

written by Anthony Skene directed by Joseph Serf

Awakening alone in the Village one morning, Number Six builds a raft and returns to London, where his superiors are very sceptical of his story.

Dance of the Dead

Mary Morris, Duncan MacRae, Norma West, Aubrey Morris

written by Anthony Skene directed by Don Chaffey

Number Six is placed on trial after he attempts to smuggle a message to the outside by planting it on a dead body that washed up on the shore.

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

Zena Walker, Clifford Evans, Nigel Stock

written by Vincent Tilsley directed by Pat Jackson

Number Two uses a bizarre machine to place Number Six's mind in the body of an Army colonel, then sends him to London in pursuit of the missing scientist who built the machine.

It's Your Funeral

Derren Nesbitt, Annette Andre, Mark Eden, Andre van Gyseghem, Wanda Ventham

written by Michael Cramoy directed by Robert Asher

Number Six learns of a planned assassination attempt against Number Two but no one will believe him.


Peter Wyngarde, Ronald Radd, Patricia Jessel, Rosalie Crutchley, George Coulouris

written by Gerald Kelsey directed by Don Chaffey

Number Six plays the pawn in a life-size chess game in which Number Two hopes to use the brainwashed Queen against him.

Living in Harmony

Alexis Kanner, David Bauer, Valerie French, Gordon Tanner

written by David Tomblin directed by David Tomblin

Number Six finds himself in an old American West setting where a heavy handed judge forces him to become the sheriff in order to save a beautiful woman's life, despite the fact that Number Six refuses to wear a gun.

[NOTE:This episode was not shown on CBS in 1968.]

A Change of Mind

Angela Browne, John Sharpe, George Pravda

written by Roger Parkes directed by Joseph Serf

Having been declared "unmutual", Number Six finds himself subjected to mind-altering treatments of drugs and sound waves designed to make him more complacent.

Hammer Into Anvil

Patrick Cargill, Victor Madden, Basil Hoskins, Norman Scace, Derek Aylward

written by Roger Waddis directed by Pat Jackson

Number Six decides to avenge the death of young girl bullied into suicide by Number Two, by convincing Number Two that he, Number Six, is a spy sent in to check up on Two.

The Girl Who Was Death

Kenneth Griffith, Justine Lord, Christopher Benjamin

written by Terence Feeley directed by David Tomblin

Number Six finds himself in a lighthouse that isn't what it seems with a girl who calls herself "Death".

Once Upon a Time

Leo McKern, John Cazabon

written by Patrick McGoohan directed by Patrick McGoohan

A former Number Two returns to the Village in desperation and uses drugs and an electronic mind probe to make Number Six relive his entire life in an effort to alter his rebellious tendencies.

Fall Out

Leo McKern, Alexis Kanner, Kenneth Griffith

written by Patrick McGoohan directed by Patrick McGoohan

Having survived the last-ditch efforts of Number Two, Number Six is awarded the right to become an individual, learns the identity of Number One and seizes an opportunity to leave the Village.

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